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Unit 1:  Getting to Know You

  1. Downloading PDF Files to Window's Document Folder and Opening with Foxit
  2. All About Me (pdf form)
  3. Digital Life Skills:  What Are They (pdf form)
  4. Digital Life Skills I Use (pdf form)
  5. What I Have, Would Like to Learn, Use, What I Need (pdf form)
  6. Northstar Digital Skills Assessments Computer skills, software skills, and Using technology in your daily life
  7. Mr. B's KWL (pdf form)
  8. How to Fill a PDF on a Chromebook (:40)

Unit 2:  Content is King -- Fact Checking & Research

  1. Internet Scavenger Hunt #1 (pdf form)
  2. Internet Scavenger Hunt #2 (pdf form)
  3. Internet Scavenger Hunt #3 (pdf form)
  4. Internet Scavenger Hunt, Your Turn to Create!  (pdf form)
  5. Mr. B's "Take 5" Research Process
  6. Example:  Marketing 101:  Mr. B's Biz Ed Web
    1. What is Marketing
    2. Marketing Mix/4 P's
    3. Market Segmentation
  7. Example: The Stuart J. Cort (7:00)

Unit 3:  What Is Media? defines "media" as:  a plural of medium1; and the means of communication, as radio and television, newpapers, magazines, and the internet, that reach or influence people widely2.

  1. VIDEO:  What is Media? (2:12)
  2. What is Media? Definition and Meaning:  Market Business News
  3. What Are Digital Media?  (pdf form)

Are you ready to explain why virtually all media
today now meets our definition of digital media life skills?

Unit 4:  Writing for Digital Media - A Keying Thing

 Good Posture Matters

How Fast Can You Type for 3 Minutes?
30-Point Keying Rubric (pdf)

Forces on the neck increase the more we tilt our headClick to Enlarge

Take a Break, Rotate Your Neck, and Look Up

Each Day, 2 of the links below will be assigned.  Do each one-at-a-time.  They will open in a new tab.  Please LEAVE EACH TAB OPEN.  When the pair is complete, please open ANOTHER TAB and choose an appropriate keying game.

  1. Keying Basic Self-Check
  2. Keyboarding Posture & Technique Self-Check

  3. Identify the Correct Finger Self-Check
  4. Proper Keyboarding Technique Self-Check

  5. Keying Egonomics Self-Check
  6. Home Row Keys: Keyboarding Skills Quiz!

  7. Keying Vocabulary Self-Check
  8. Keying Trivia Self-Check

Unit 5:  Microsoft Word

Choosing Fonts

MS Word vs Google Docs

Video Tutorials:  MS Word

  1. Getting Started With Word
  2. Creating and Opening Documents
  3. Saving and Sharing Documents
  4. Text Basics:  Add, Delete, Move, Cut, Copy, and Paste
  5. Formatting Text
  6. Page Layout:  Page Orientation, Margins, and Size
  7. Pictures and Text Wrapping

Even MORE MS Word Skills

MS Word Projects

  1. Sweet Treats We Forget About and Example When Complete
  2. Best Pancake Toppings
  3. 15 Favorite Pizza Toppings
  4. Directions for 2-Column Layout:  Favorite Pancake Toppings
  5. Best Donuts and Example When Complete
  6. Valentine Candy  and Example When Complete
  7. Directions for Creating 3-Column Layout w/Graphic
  8. Word Art:  Important unit, prepares us for PowerPoint projects too
    1. Getting Started with WordArt (2:31)
    2. Fun With MS Word's WordArt (pdf resource)
    3. WordArt Project:  ASSIGNMENT
    4. WordArt Project Example
    5. MORE Word Art Resources and Help (OPTIONAL):  WordArt is also in MS PowerPoint
      1. Insert WordArt (Microsoft Support)
      2. WordArt in Word:  How to Insert and Format WordArt in Word.  WordArt is also in MS applications PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher.
      3. FREE Online WordArt Generator (InkPx)
  9. Media Press Releases
    1. Circus Parade
    2. Hobo Convention
    3. Lessons from Geese
    4. Roller Skating

Unit 6:  Business Simulations & Decision Making

Link to Lemonade StandLemonade Stand   Coffee Shop GameCoffee Shop

Unit 7:  PowerPoint

  1. Getting Started With PowerPoint (5:02) and More Resources:  Getting Started With PowerPoint
  2. PowerPoint Project 1Volcanoes (12 slides) with Quick Start Directions
    1. Transitions for Powerpoint 1:  VolcanoesHow slides move in
    2. Animations for PowerPoint 1:  Volcanoes How text & objects move into slides
    3. Videos Created With PowerPoint, Mr. B's Examples:
      1. Joke Videos (no audio).  All are examples of text that "pops" off against background images
      2. Frankenstein: A Monsterous Parody by Ludworst Bemonster (Rick Walton) (1:06) and script
      3. Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, by Michael Rex (1:07) and script
      4. Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody, by Michael Rex (1:10) and script
      5. [The] Runaway Mummy: A Petrifying Parody, by Michael Rex (1:08) and script
      6. [The] Very Hungry Zombie: A Parody, by Michael Teitelbaum 1:06) and script
      7. We're Going on a Goon Hunt: A Petrifying Parody, by Michael Rex (1:04) and script
      8. Witches, Pumpkins, and Grinning Ghosts, by Edna Barth 1:05) and script
    4. Making Text Pop of Background Images:  Mr. B's Examples of Slides With Background Images and Text That Pops

    1. Setting Timings for PowerPoint 1:  Volcanoes Using Rehearse Timings to create a self-running Slideshow and then saving as a video.
    2. MORE on Rehearsing and Recording Your Presentation: This is how you set timings so that a PowerPoint will run automatically can be saved as a video.
  1. PowerPoint Project 2:  Minerals of the Earth, 6 slides and  25 Point Rubric
  2. Your Choice:  10 Slides on an appropriate topic with 60 point Scoring Rubric
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint Click Test Your Digital Literacy, green Take An Assessment button.  Then choose Microsoft PowerPoint (middle links, under Essential Software Skills).

Unit 8:  Mr. B's Easy Video 1-2-3

Mr. B's Video Production Website

  1. Mr. B's Video Kids Website
  2. Making Great Videos, Slides 1-10 at Mr. B's Video Kids (pdf form #1 for this unit)
  3. Easy Video 1-2-3, Slides 11-17 (pdf form #2 for this unit)

Unit 9:  Video Gear

Getting Started:  Video Productions Tips 'N Tricks.  In the videos below, you will see how Sunny and Rob use their cameras, microphone, and lighting.

  1. How to Get Comfortable on Camera
  2. Make Professional Videos at Home Without Pro Gear (5:21) by Sunny Lenarduzzi and Guided Notes Assignment (pdf form)
  3. Build a Low-Cost Home Video Studio with Smartphones (6:51) by Robb Montgomery and Guided Notes Assignment (pdf form)

After these videos, we will look at each of these video tools in-detail.

The first videos in the three gear sections below
Are Made With Doodily (1:54)

Video Cameras

  1. Video Cameras (2:38), Transcript (.pdf)
  2. Mr. B's JavaScript Video Camera Self-Check
  3. Phone Cameras/Selfies Distort the Face and Guided Writing Prompts (pdf form)
  4. The BEST Cameras for Beginning Filmmaking in 2021 (video, 6:23) and The Best 4K Video Cameras in 2021 (web reviews)
  5. Video Camera Scavenger Hunt (.pdf)
  6. B&H:  Photo, Video, Audio:  Good source that Mr. B uses.  Very helpful phone consultants


  1. Microphones (3:04), Transcript (.pdf)
  2. Mr. B's JavaScript Microphones Self-Check
  3. Shure SM58 Microphone Review (5:54) and Guided Writing Prompts (pdf form)
  4. Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphones (7:07)  The "gold standard" for dynamic microphones.
  5. Rode Shotgun Microphone Comparision (10:05)  and Guided Writing Prompts (pdf form)
  6. How to Use Your Phone as a Mic (2:54) and Guided Writing Prompts (pdf for)
  7. The Best Microphones for Vlogging and Filmmaking (web reviews, many choices)
  8. Microphone Scavenger Hunt (.pdf)


  1. Lighting (3:25), and Transcript (.pdf)
  2. Mr. B's JavaScript Lighting Self-Check
  3. Three Point Lighting Basics for Photography/Video (3:48) and Guided Writing Prompts (pdf form)
  4. 5 EASY YouTube Lighting Tips for SMALL Spaces (4:36) and Guided Writing Prompts (pdf form)
  5. When You SHOULD NOT Use Three-Point Lighting (2:33)
  6. Lighting Kits Scavenger Hunt (.pdf)

Lighting Tips 'N Tricks

  1. 5 Ways to Shape Light for Different Situations on Set
  2. 5 Ways You Can Light Your Next Horror Film Project
  3. 10 Cheap and Simple Light Setups for Filmmakers and Photographers
  4. How To Light A Car Scene Using The Poor Man’s Process
  5. How to Minimize Your Lighting Setup on Set
  6. Production Tips for Lighting Your Next Interview Shoot
  7. Stay On Budget With 7 LED On-Camera Lights for Under $200

Unit 10:  Scripts & Storyboards

  1. Scripts for Book Talks are great ways to learn how to organize and create videos.  Here's an example of the script format Mr. B's uses.
  2. Fast Speaking, Slow Speaking and Steady Pacing (4:44)
  3.  The Online Teleprompter
  4. How to Write a Video Game Review
  5. Dialog is the speech in a video.
  6. Scripts are written dialog.  It is also easy to say the wrong thing.  Scripts plan what people will say in a video.  Videos that are shared on the internet should have four parts:  (1). A hook (get attention), (2). Introduction (what video is about), (3) Information, and (4). Call to action (what people should do after watching).
  7. Scripts for movies, plays, and fiction are a little different.  They have 3 parts or a three-act structure (1). Setup, (2), Confrontation/conflict, and (3). Resolution.  This script format works for book trailers, short videos about your favorite books in the style of movie trailers.  Part 3, however, does not give away the ending of the book (the resolution).  Instead, close the video by featuring the book's cover, title, author, and where you can buy it (or invite people to see it at their local library).
  8. Scripts for documentaries and speeches have three parts (1). Introduction - state what you are going to say, (2). Information - what you have to say, (3) Summary - restate what you said.
  9. Storyboards help us visualize our video.  We want to imagine what our video scenes will look like.  Using drawings, we can plan each scene and how the camera should record them.
    1. How to Create a Storyboard for Your Video Shoot (Video)
    2. How to Make and Use Storyboards (Video)
    3. Storyboarding (Video)
    4. How to Make and Use Storyboards (Video)

Unit 11:  Video Composition

  1. The Golden Ratio vs. The Rule of Thirds (3:24)
  2. Camera Shot Types and Summary of 7 Common Camera Shots
  3. Camera Shot Project:  Examples of Compositions (pptx file)
  4. Composition (video, photos, web-layout, art, and more):  Golden Ratio and Rule of Three
  5. Do Not Break These 5 Rules of Composition For Video
  6. Basics of Video Composition (2:25)
  7. 4 Framing & Composition Techniques for Beginners (5:31)
  8. 6 Ways to Compose Better Video:  The Rules of Composition (8:07)

Unit 12:  Web-Based Media

  1. How Does A Computer Work (video, 2:48) with Guided Notes
  2. How the Internet Works
  3. CodeHS Sandbox:  Write Code and "Try It"

Unit 13:  Web Design

  1. UX vs UI Designs (downloadable/printable pdf)
  2. Design Tips 'N Tricks
  3. Mr. Breitsprecher's Web Design (from Mr. B's Biz Ed Web:

Unit 14:  Websites with Wix

  1. Wix:  Create a Free Website
  2. Wix Tutorial (3 pg PDF)
  3. Examples of Student Websites Created in Wix
  4. Wix Resources
    1. Mr. Breitsprecher's High School Web Design Class (from Mr. B's Biz Ed Web:
      1. Course Content
      2. Examples of Web Designs
      3. Mr. Breitsprecher's Web Design with Wix
    2. Wix Website Tutorial 2022 for Beginners in 12 MINUTES (12:56)
    3. How to use Wix – Step-by-Step Tutorial 2022
    1. Getting Started, Signing Up
    2. Creating a Website
    3. Making Changes With the Wix Editor
    4. Adding Functionality to Your Website
    5. Optimizing Your Website
    6. Connecting Domain Name and Upgrading
    7. Getting to Know the Wix Dashboard
    1. Logos
      1. Can You Guess These Company Logos?
      2. How to Design a Logo From Start to Finish
      3. Create Your Own Logo with Wix Logo Maker
    2. 30+ Best Examples of Real Wix Websites (2022)
    3. Wix Youtube Channel Videos
    4. How to Use Wix for Blogging in 2022
    5. Wix Tutorial Handouts (print resources)
      1. Wix Quick Start Guide (5 page PDF)
      2. Wix Quick Guide (5 pg PDF)
      3. How to Build a Free Website With Wix (29 page PDF)
      4. How to Create a Basic Website with WIX (5 page PDF)
      5. Introduction to Wix:  Personal Use (Includes links to YouTube Tutorials. 7 pg PDF)
      6. Website Design With Wix (9 pge PDF)

Unit 8:  Computers 101

  1. Mr. B's How Computers Work:  Let's put it all together now (from
  2. Computer Basics:  What is a Compute (2:47) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
  3. Computer Science Basics:  Input Process Output (2:49) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
  4. How Computers Work:  CPU, Memory, Input & Output (4:16) and Guided Notes (pdf form)
  5. Hardware software firmware:  Input, Store, Process, Output (5:22)
  6. The Internet:  Packets, Routing & Reliability (6:25)

More Resources:  Computers 101

  1. GCF Computer Basics:  Lessons, videos, and interactives
  2. GCF Basic Computer Skills:  Let's review what you know
  3. GCF:  Computer Science:  Concepts like algorithms, binary (which makes this digital), programming, and more

Please check back soon for more
Digital Life Skills resources & activities

More Fun Links

A.  Mr. Breitsprecher's Websites

  1. Mr. B's Guitar Music
  2. Library Media TV
  3. My LMC Web
  4. Video Kids
  5. My Biz Ed Web
  6. Club TNT:  Weekly Madison TV show, TVW, 11 am Saturdays

B.  Keying Skill Building Links

C. Magic GopherCan this online media from the BBC read your mind?  (Explained HERE)

D.  Live Animal Webcams

E Web Cams:  Including the world-famous Bear Cam!

F Virtual Tours