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Research Pathfinder

Research PathfinderHere are some resources to learn more about the online safety and cyber bullying.  Conducting a search for information in an organized manner will help us locate what we need with the least amount of work.  It also helps ensure that we start projects with good information.  To see an easy to follow outline to help organize a research project, check our Mr. B's "Take Five" Research Process.   To see more about writing, please look at Mr. B's Writing Quick Tips for "tips & tricks" and links to other Websites that cover virtually ALL aspects grammar and writing.  

Library Subject Headings.  Understanding the difference between keyword and subject heading searches is important.  Keywords represent text that appears in a document.  Subject headings are assigned by an information specialists to help researchers identify resources that cover similar topics.  A powerful tool, subject headings create connections between sources and allow a user to benefit from someone else's work classifying information. 

Computerize library catalogs, can be searched with keywords, just like most Internet search engines.   Many useful resources, however, do not share keywords -- this means they will not be located by keyword searches.  Subject headings, however, identify documents that contain information about similar topics even when those documents do not share keywords.  Here is a listing of common subject headings (Sears), typically used in public and school libraries.

Subject Heading (Sears)

  • Bullying
  • Bullying--Juvenile literature.
  • Bullying in schools--Prevention--Juvenile literature
  • Bullying--Prevention
  • Bullying--Psychological aspects
  • Computer crimes
  • Computer networks--Security measures
  • Cyberbullying
  • Internet -- Moral and ethical aspects
  • Internet -- Safety measures
  • Internet -- Social aspects
  • Internet and children
  • Internet and teenagers
  • Internet and youth
  • Internet--Safety measures
  • Online identities
  • Online social networks
  • Online social networks -- Safety measures
  • Online social networks -- Social aspects
  • Personal information management
  • School violence--Prevention
  • Teenagers--Social networks--Computer network resources

Dewey Numbers

Libraries are organized to help people find sources by ideas or topic (intellectual access) and then make that information easy to find on the shelves (physical access).  Most public and school libraries use the Dewey Decimal System, numbers that tell library users where to find information on the shelves. 

Here are some useful Dewey Decimal Numbers that should contain information about online safety and cyberbullying.  "Browse" these sections to see if any resources look interesting or useful, looking up materials by subject headings will also refer library users to additional Dewey classifications.

  • 004.67
  • 004.678
  • 005.8
  • 006.75
  • 025.04
  • 302.231
  • 302.3
  • 305.235
  • 371.58
  • 371.782

Great Books