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Kitchen Discussion: Cyberbullying (50 seconds). Girls sitting across from a kitchen table demonstrate - if you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online.

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  • Anti-Bullying Ad:  Redhead (:51)  After watching a young red-haired boy get bullied and teased for the color of his hair by older teens, a another teen decides to take action.
  • Can Your Digital Footprint be Erased? (3:54)  Author of "Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance" Julia Angwin attempted to take erase her digital presence. Angwin joins the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts to discuss what she learned
  • The Cyber Bully Virus (4:39) Left unchecked, cyber bullying spreads like a computer virus.  It is time to stop.
  • Cyber Bullying:  Solutions for Parents (4:32)  Cellphones, Facebook, Instant Messaging, kids use these tools to communicate with friends, but they can also abuse them.
  • Detecting Lies and Staying True (2:05)  When we are looking for information online, accuracy matters. Being able to carefully fact-check web resources is an important skill.
  • Follow the Digital Trail (2:28)  LAre you being careful when you post online? Can people "follow" you? Is this what you want?
  • Four Reasons to Care About Your Digital Footprint (8:00)  Let's look at why the things we post online matter and why we should be careful when we post.
  • How Does Cyberbullying Affect You? (2:21)  The world is advancing so quickly that many of today's teens will find future careers in technologies that haven't been invented yet. They need to be cyber savvy now.
  • Internet Safety for Kids K-3 (7:50)   Internet safety for kids is a topic getting much attention because children are being exposed to the Internet at a younger and younger age.
  • Internet Safety Tips for Teens - Helpful AND Funny (6:27)  Teens today live a huge portion of their lives online. In fact, according to a study from Pew Research Center, 92 percent of teens report going online daily—including 24 percent who say they go online “almost constantly.” Just like you want your teen to stay safe in school and at the mall, you need to be sure they’re being smart about how they handle themselves online.
  • Internet Safety with Annie and Moby (3:52)  These educational Videos for kids make learning fun. Kids can learn to be safe online while making learning experience rewarding and fun.
  • Oversharing:  Think Before You Post (3:35)   Made in collaboration with our partner Flocabulary, the experts in educational hip-hop, this animated music video raps about the hazards of oversharing online and emphasizes a thoughtful approach to digital footprints.
  • Rant With McGruff (1:10)  Let's hear what this famous crime dog has to say about cyber bullying.
  • Parents: What to do if Your Child is a Victim of Cyberbullying (2:57)  It's the new normal. Bullying is no longer face to face confrontation in the hallway or on a playground. These days a bully uses a phone or computer to taunt and torment.
  • Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online (5:01)  Would you ever walk into a giant arena full of strangers and make it rain postcards with your phone number and home address? No? Then what are you doing publishing those details online, where anyone in the WORLD can access them?
  • Super Digital Citizen (2:09  Students explore how to be a super digital citizen in a digital world. This video works in collaboration with our Digital Citizenship Curriculum, Grade 3-5, unit 3, Super Digital Citizen.
  • Texting & Driving.  These videos are produced by youth under a program called "Project Yellow"  To learn more, pleae visit their website.
  • Understanding The Impact Of Digital Footprints (6:00)  Have you considered the footprints you leave when online? Information that is posted online may come back to you at any time in your life.
  • Why I Bully You (3:22)  These girls are young poets reciting a poem that was written by Gina Loring.
  • Words Hurt (:30)  Being cruel isn't funny -- what we say matters.
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